22 cucumbers in this morning's harvest - some monsters that were hiding amongst the pumpkin vine. Gazpacho all week I guess.
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  • A week's meals from it :))
  • Well then, here's my entry in the "That's Not A Cucumber..." contest - 46cm :-( 

    We could have annual comp.


  • Cukes and Zucchini need to be really huge and going kinda yellow before the seeds are mature. A Zucch mature enough for viable seeds is closer to a baseball bat in length and maybe 6-7 inches in diameter. Not familiar with the Continental cukes but the Crystal Apple-type cukes need to be really huge and going yellow.

  • Hope you re saving seeds for that one :) giant !
  • That's one good haul :)

    I cropped my corn yesterday. Loverly. Will freeze the bulk of it for later use. Such an easy crop to store.

  • Violent? Yikes! A centrifugal one I guess … the more gentle ones are the single (mine) and twin-gear jobs. Any juicer is better than no juicer!

  • Thanks Elaine. Good idea. Orange, celery and cucumber juice it is. I have a violent juicing machine that scares me. I might drag it out this afternoon.

    Hello Susanne. Yes happy with production at the moment, but it's rarely like that. Normally, I'm envying the neighbour whose patch, just a few metres from mine, is overflowing with abundance.

  • What a fabulous harvest, I'm green with envy.
  • If you like juice, Cukes make a great bulker and are supposedly good for lots of ailments (don't ask me ;-) add some Ginger, Lemon, Apple and you've got a refershing juice. Wash and dry the cukes to keep them in a green vegetable bag, keep for a week or so. Although washing is debatable, drying is recommended.

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