The Okra this season has been abysmal. Tried to use these for dinner tonight and they were all too tough to cut. Jaboticaba are DELICIOUS. Super sweet and gorgeous chilled. Didn't even know they were there until I was mowing on Sunday.
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  • lol ask away! This is a great little puzzle.

    I don't personally grow any citrus apart from Wampi which IS related. Perhaps I did bring some Wampi along but don't remember doing it. Definitely me?? Did I speak to you. Did I make eye contact? lol

  • I thought it was a bit like a little Kumquart but wasn't. The seeds were only very small. What else do you have in, that is an orangey/yellow colour. You had a couple on a plate cut in half but mostly whole. I won't ask or say anymore unless you have a brainwave.

  • Just went back to check out photos for the day and nothing there. Val had to take her own :/ due to lack of cameras on the day and the table would have already been eaten and cleared.

  • It does sound a bit like a Wampi. But they are brown when ripe. And I don't believe I've ever taken them along to another person's GV - just not enough of them on the tree.  People have eaten them here at my last GV.

  • Quail's egg size perhaps it's a Wampi? Weird smell but then so does Tamarillo.

  • The Tamarillo tree in the front yard is very old and the fruit is getting smaller. It's covered at the moment with green fruit - performing it's Swan Song at last I think. Poor old thing. Should only live for 2yrs and this one is about 5yrs. Been cut back twice. Something I will try again once the fruit ripen.

    We'll get you some of these fruit once they turn yellow, for seed.

  • After just looking at it on the web it doesn't look like a Tamarillo. It was more Yellowish I think. Ovalish, about the size of a quail's egg I thought. Perhaps someone else might remember.

  • Dianne - do you think it might have been a Tamarillo fruit? Oval shaped. Yellowish colour. About the size of a chooks egg?

  • Thanks folks.

    Jaboticaba would be absolute top of my list of easy to grow, pest free, multiple fruiting deliciousness.

    Now mine has started cropping it gives about 4 crops per year. Maybe more. Finishes one and starts blooming for another. And the fruit come to maturity in no time. Must start another blog on that.

    I have given the small tree a bag of manure and keep it mulched and water once a week. I haven't trimmed out the branches even though it's a jungle inside. It's cropping well so I am loathe to muck around with it too much.

  • Your pic is beautiful. You do grow beautiful Fruit & Veg Lissa. You do know you are my yardstick for growing good produce. I will have to get myself a  Jaboticaba from Daley's, after tasting yours last year I was hooked.

    Do you remember last year I took one of your little Yellow Fruits from Valerie's GV, grew the seeds and gave away the little seedlings at my GV. well I have lost mine as they didn't get watered when I was in hospital. Could you please tell me the name of the fruit. It was the fruit that everyone said you have to taste a good one and if you like it grow that seed. Thanks Lissa

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