Fresh corn for dinner :)I'll bring some along to share at the GV.
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  • Our garden has just been dug, Lissa; so it's STARTED now, at least! ;)

    Have been learning plenty, though, and getting child 'hooked' (gradually!) :)

  • Going to need a bigger basket Lissa!

  • You never quite know what you've got until you open up each cob but they're looking good.

    Thanks Lainie - how's your garden coming along now? Are you making some progress?

  • Looks great, Lissa! :)

  • Wow Lissa! I'm just heading down to pick my first cob of the season now - never can quite tell when they are ready. Fingers crossed.

  • Enjoy

  • I'll have a few cobs to share today Cheryl. Keeping the bulk for me, greedy me lol.

  • Yummo, love it cooked on the BBQ

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