corn crop

Cropped the corn last weekend. Despite not having the best conditions for pollination (wind and rain on the days the pollen appeared) I seem to have been lucky and have some good cobs.
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  • Corn & honey envy ... Ok, ok, I'll stop being envious over corn.
  • Not that beetle Rob, I have written about the one that affects my figs in some previous blogs. The name eludes me without going back through the blogs to find the piece.

  • Are the mating beetles the Brown Flower Beetle or similar? I've always left them to their own devices, not least because their chaotic flight is so amusing.

  • Asian Tramp Snails Elaine to give them their full name. This pic from Wiki gives a good view of the back of the shell where there is a small hole which makes them easily identifiable. They're much smaller than Garden Snails, paler in colour, broader hours of foraging. Follow the link in the last comment for Qld Museum info. Not causing a lot of damage in my garden at the moment but they are increasing in numbers (maybe I just never noticed them before I started trying to farm the Garden Snail). I collect them daily now.

    Bradybaena similaris 01.JPG

  • What are Tramp Snails? Sounds like Tramp Ants - and neither suggest anything I know of.

  • I find regular inspections of all the garden plants to be a pleasurable and necessary job. At least once or twice a day. Finger squishing is part of the inspection process! I flick off some things (there's a beatle mating and producing eggs on my fig at the moment - can't come at squishing a beatle with my fingers) and squish others. Caterpillars get thrown to far reaches of the garden, though I have one large butterfly caterpillar living on one of the Sweet Potatoes that I allow to stay.

    I have an explosion of Tramp Snails at the moment which I collect and feed to the neighbours chooks. Very odd, because I never used to see these snails around until I started keeping my own Common Garden Snails in the snail farm. Slugs are more predominant also.

  • I have had major problems in the past with grubs in my corn crop, but I am trying a new method after what might have been some success late last year.   Every few days, I  squeeze around the top of each cob with the aim of squashing the poor unfortunate caterpillars before they make their way into the kernels.   I started this midway through my corn harvest last year and had good results compared with the early harvest which was often partly spoiled at the top of each cob. 

  • Not on this occasion Steven. But then I did cover the whole bed with netting until the corn reached almost mature height.

  • Nice.   Have you had any problems with caterpillars getting into the top parts of the corn?

  • Gorgeous.  Hope mine goes as well. 

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