corn and other goodies

The plants are just loving this horse poo. Third crop of corn and the Rocket and Silverbeet are taking off. Love Rocket :)
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  • So pleased to see you are prepared...... I'd always set another place at the table for you......

  • If the backside fell out of the world I could keep myself going for a couple of months but produce is very seasonal. Long time between crops and I would be dead of hunger before then....especially if it stopped raining and the tank ran dry.

    That's why I have a cupboard full of dried beans :) They would keep me alive at least.

  • I think you are doing fabulously well. When you can get a meal out of the garden you are doing well and best of all you will never go hungry.

  • You have determination Dianne. You'll get there.

    I'm sure mine could be more productive if I was perhaps a little more scientific in my approach. But seeing as it's a hobby, and I've been working long hours up until recently, I think it's doing ok.

  • Once our Veggie Patch is up and running again I hope it will be half as productive as yours.

  • First time I've ever fitted three corn crops in one after the other. First was planted very early in the season. I love my corn :)

  • Nice.  Gawd, you're on corn crop three.  I thought I was dead clever putting a second lot in. 

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