Despite the cobs being smaller than I would have wanted the crop is still a useful one. Some on the BBQ tonight :) Suggestions welcome.
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  • You can cook the cobs whole in the microwave too. Keep the husk on, add butter salt and pepper, re-wrap. Zap on high for 2-3 mins. Then they are very hot and de-kernelling them is tricky. I de-kernel first, heat in a bowl with butter, salt and pepper and zap ditto. 

  • Corn looks OK but here in Australia i think there is a limited types of sweet corn  and think i read that to bring new varieties into Australia that they have to be grown in New Zealand  first  to quarantine would like to get a variety that produces 2 good  cobs  but the seed i have used the second cob is small .  The corn that you buy could be picked too late or kept too long after picking  or could be cross pollinated  had some that  was big cobs but not worth eating  like super market tomatoes.

  • Yum, I think Elaine has the best suggestion.  They are big enough to sink your teeth into. I wonder if you could wrap them in bacon.

  • These have turned out to be the tastiest cobs I think I have ever grown. Go figure.

  • Add a little butter and re-wrap the entire husk. Put straight on bbq husk and all. Careful when you go to eat though, they are damned hot! Or de-kernel each cob, add butter salt and pepper, wrap in aluminium foil and straight onto the bars or plate.

    I wouldn't call them 'small' though. Heaven knows what krud the commercial growers use to get them the size we have got used to. Commercial Organic ones are smaller than the conventional.

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