Some of the sweet corn crop. Seedlings bought from Caboolture Mkt.
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  • I ended up with a mini corn from each plant also. Ate some of them first in a Green Pawpaw salad.

  • Pencil corn. Hmmmm lol.

    Definitely need the sun. I've cropped this lot and posted a pic of one of the cobs.

    Bought seedlings from the market and not as big or yellow a cob as I've sometimes had in the past but it could just be the variety (simply marked as Sweet Corn). I don't care. It's lovely to eat and stores so well in the freezer in their jackets.

  • Yum! Yum!   I have some corn growing also, but it is in a partially shaded area which is not ideal.  The cobs are about the same as the photo but half as wide :(.   We will be having pencil corn for X'Mas.   Corn definitely needs the sun.  

  • Love corn Lissa, these look wonderful. unfortunately I don't have an area in my Vegetable Garden to grow corn but it doesn't stop me from enjoying it while in season.

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