Gotta go crawling around in the shrubbery tomorrow for more of the same. I've been harvest slack.Spring onion, lettuce, Watermelon Radish, Tatume, Tommy Toe Tomatoes, Parsely, Shishito Peppers...In passing, I want to celebrate the Portuguese Cabbage -- Couve Tronchuda -- as a great cut and come again cabbage. We've been eating it for around 2 months already as I started harvesting it when young and did not have to wait until it filled out as you have to with dense cabbages. Point being I coulda picked that too if I had an immediate use for it.Tastes nothing like kale!As for what was picked today : almost all the makings for Tabbouleh with Millet. We've given up on rice.
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  • Done another day harvesting toms while the first batch gets hot and bothered in the air drier. Looks like I need to schedule  another day picking Tommy Toes et al. Then leave it awhile and go around again. As I recall, last year's harvest lasted me for months -- primarily frozen.

    I prefer to cook with Tommy Toes than other fresh or tinned  tomatoes as I appreciate the sweet tartiness you can get from them measured out tom by tom. You can leave them semi-whole in a dish or squash them as taste prefers.

    It's getting a bit warm for the Watermelon Radish -- the king of radish taste and texture  [according to me]. So I'm back with standard Daikons.Calabacitas-4.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

    As for Tatume, among this very useful post: All-time Favorite Recipes on Mexican Please is a great recipe you should try. If not with Tatume, at least with zucchini:calabacitas.

    I do it with pork pieces and I also add peppers, but as a vegey stew it rocks..So simple to make. The Tom:Corn:Squash trinity is a culinary wonder. It is 3 Sisters eating. If that was all you could grow outback, You'd be in an Eden type zone.(Minus a serpent, nakedness, fig leaves and -- at least here in Brisbane -- without apples too)

  • That looks pretty darn good.  I haven't planted the millet yet but I will.  Only another 4.6 million tasks before hand.  Jeez. 

  • Tabbouleh -- sort of -- with millet:


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