My first infestation! Going to get a damp cloth and try to physically deal with these tonight, but what a butt!
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  • That would be wonderful Dianne, I'll bring some cash with me to the visit. Thank you!

  • Hi Sid, I get mine from 

    Diatomaceous EarthOnline,

    They are in North Qld. I have just purchased a 20kg Bag if you are wanting the powered one and also have a spare pressure pack can as I bought 6 at a good price, I would be willing to sell to you at the price I paid plus a little for postage. 

  • Dianne, where do you get your Diatomaceous Earth? I might give that a go.

  • My approach with aphids and other sap suckers is to ignore them and treat ants as the real problem. If you cut off the ants, then natural predators will win, but if the ants continue farming the aphids, the infestation can persist.

  • I use Diatomaceous Earth in the spray can on my Roses and my Roses are happy. I also use the powered Diatomaceous Earth to sprinkle around areas where there are Ants, as well as those uses I use it when I am planting out. Firstly I give the Plant I am planting a good soak in a bucket with GO Go Juice or Seaweed Solution which one I use depends on the plant. I then dig a hole put a sprinkling of granulated Sea Kale and Diatomaceous Earth as well as a little Seamungus in the hole and give it a little stir around, fill the hole with water and when it drains I plant the Seedling or Fruit Tree etc., I then give a good water with GO Go Juice or Seaweed Solution.

    I also use Companion Bugs from 'Bugs for Bugs' for my garden and I find that works well those little guys can keep your plants and food crops nice and clean. We use the Sticky Cardboard Bug Getters in the Veg Patch and the Wicked Fruit Fly Pots that hang in the trees for Fruit Fly and we have none of those either. We have just had a few Hawaiian Guavas ripen on the tree and they were clean and all with out a bug. I only use Certified Organic Sprays and Fertilizers on all our Fruits and Vegies. 

  • I'd believe it Sid! Recall similar events and the Ladybirds cleaned up the Aphids in quick time. If you search BLF using 'Aphids' as the search term (without the ' ') you'll find a variety of posts and pix about Aphids and their predators.

  • Will Diatomaceous Earth control the aphids.

  • You wouldn’t believe but I got home tonight and found three pairs of ladybirds gettin busy around the garden so maybe things will be okay!

  • We have had our share of scale in the past and present, Sid.  There is a site called Bugs for Bugs and they sell ladybirds but there is no guarantee that they will stay there, where released. 

    Our citrus seems to be the worst for scale, and then comes cat's whisker plants.  There are other bugs that eat aphids.  See below note from Bugs for Bugs site.

    Other natural enemies of aphids

    There are many natural enemies of aphids including:

    • Other ladybird beetles (family Coccinellidae)
    • Green lacewings (Mallada signata)
    • Brown lacewings (Micromus tasmaniae)
    • Hoverflies (family Syrphidae)
    • Various parasitic wasps including Aphidius spp.I have noticed quite a few hoverflies coming in to the garden and at different times I see green lacewings. My coreopsis flowers seem to attract them.   Queen Anne's Lace flower was also a good plant for me in the past.  I must try it again.  

    This LINK has some info on the different types of ladybugs.  

  • That's brilliant Elaine, I'm just doing up another wicking bathtub so I could pop this guy in the middle and give it the root space it needs with friends all round. Thanks for the advice :)

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