cauli and hopper

Went out to pick my one good cauli for dinner and found this huge beastie sitting there. Not eating, just sitting. I always decapitate these big jobs before they can start reproducing thousands of babies.
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  • I don't grow them that big Dave lol. Maybe I would think about making hopper stew if they were that big and meatie.

  • I hate doing it Elaine. In the past I would be inundated with littlies or maybe it just felt like it. With my new respect for all things living in the garden I may (may!) let the next one live.

  • Back where we comes from, decapitation was for sissies. Me and me bruthers just restled them whoppers bare handed until they gave up. Sure it took the 3 of us but it sure went well eatin hopper stew when all we had was cabbages to live on. My mama used to make great hopper stew. My favorite bit was thigh as the wings were all stringy and got stuck in ya gullet. One day when Ralphie was holdin the legs on a real mean one, he let go and the critter took off with Sam riding bare back yellin and a'screamin and a'cussin .... Cleared the fence into the south paddock before he got bucked off. Hoot. After that we always hog tied em before we pinned them. A good size hopper could feed a family for two maybe three weeks. And when the kinfolks come over, we'd say it was pork. Sam use to say it was just hopper dressed up as ham...but then I reckons he was just sore on account of him being thrown. Golly I  miss them hoppers.Don't see em that say no more.


  • Beaut looking Cauli! Yum :-) I used to decapitate too but I lettem be these days. So far, I'v not been overrun with them.

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