Carrot Flowers (Cosmic Purple)

The carrots I left in the ground last year... only one is flowering atm...
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  • Not me Jane. 

  • So will I. for the first time this year my Scarlet Nantes carrot whent to flower, they usually rot off in the wet, I was so excited, but the seeds do not seem to be vivable I think they may need to cross pollinate, anyone know?

  • Will have to give that a go one day.

  • I put a purple carrot top in tonight.  I've got good plants out of the regular carrot cut tops.  Cut tops won't grow a carrot, but they will (I believe) grow a plant that will seed.  The seeds will grow carrots.  (I actually had no idea what the flowers even looked like, so I am very grateful for the photo!)

  • Dang.

  • If I remember correctly, I think the core was yellow...

  • Will be interesting to see the outcome.

    I had to pull all my carrots (one was bolting) due to replenishing the bed.

  • Is Cosmic Purple purple all the way through the root? Purple Dragon isn't - seen PD described as 'tri-colour' with a green core. I have seen photos of carrots purple all the way but have yet to find anyone with seeds or seedlings which fit that description.

  • Maybe the dry spring we've had so far might have helped with not rotting....I've got about half a dozen plants, but only one is flowering atm, hopefully I'll get some seeds... the seed savers manual didn't say how many plants you need to ensure genetic diversity.
  • Wow! Form a queue for the seeds ;-) ... my Purple Dragon sat and smouldered for nearly 2 years until it rotted, never flowered.

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