Cara Cara orange

My first Cara Cara orange from trees planted mid 2015. Beautiful colour, very juicy and sweet!! First impressions very favourable and the kids loved their little slice.
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  • You're right Dave - they got a LITTLE slice and I ate the rest :)  I got mine from Daley's if anyone is interested - it is a dwarf but I think they also have non-dwarf available.  They are a seedless navel Christa but I don't know about the colour staining - it didn't last long enough :)  I have an Arnold's blood as well but I only planted last year and it's struggling a bit.    I have Valencia, Navelina, Arnold's blood, Cara Cara and Washington navel which, when all are in full production, should give  me fresh oranges from Late April - December.

  • 'Little slice'? You mean you get to eat the rest?

    It looks stunningly delish.

    What a season for citrus...

    Looks like citrus is gonna be the only fruit trees (aside from mulberry) I can grow in my soil. That and paw paw.Here too, the passion fruit grows like weeds! 

    But the other exotic fruits are money tossed on sand.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, Susan.

  • That looks a lovely colour,  they have a different makeup that the other blood oranges.  It looks like a seedless navel type, yummy!   I believe the Cara Cara has lycopene, rather than anthocyanins in Arnold Blood types.   You may find that it can stain certain containers, but worth the goodness.  It's making me drool.  

  • What a lovely colour!
  • Beautiful!

  • Fantastic. 

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