Brussels Sprouts

These are just (.75Meters) to the right of Broadbeans in previous photo. Same mix, but Tim's horse manure instead of the cow manure, and in approx. 350mm deep mix over tree-root infested 1Meter deep trench ... not part of extended garden over the shale/rock described in broad bean photo, although shale/rock 1Meter down
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  • Hi Susan, I had 4 plants (as seedlings), planted at the same time. 

    1. - In an IBC wicking bed, RobBob Construction Style, however not using his suggested mix (I must re-visit his site to see what was suggested there) ... When the Brussels went in, (3 months after build), the mix in the bed was still on the improve but not the best ...

    This was the combo of mix in the w-bed ... not recommended unless you want to wait 6 months. It was around 5 months until the bed was kinda ok, and over 6 months until the bed grew stuff really well - approx ... 70% $3 Brunnings potting mix bags, 15% mushroom compost, 10% coco peat, 5% builders sand. Small mounts of VR Dust added at 2, 4 & 6 month marks. 1 x EM Inoculation using greatwhite at 4 months.

    Both the Brussels Sprout and a Broadbean went poorly in the not-ready (3 months in) growing conditions.

    I would love to try a Brussels and broadbeans in the same bed next year, just to see how much difference there is, I have the feeling that they still wont preform as well as the soil, but would love to find out otherwise.

    BS2. Planted too close to Goat fence and became goat food 1 month in. Now potato patch.

    BS3. Planted between Broadbeans and BSprout 4 (original in photo) ....

    There were 2 seedlings for both BS3 & BS4 (could not separate without damage and did not chop either)

    Amazing difference as BS3 & BS4 were 300mm away from each other.

    BS3 went poorly (see photo). BS4 went well (original photo)

    Differences were

    BS3 was In 200mm of soil over shale/rock,

    in-between Cow Manure in mix and Horse manure in mix

    BS3, was closer to BroadBeans and Kale, no lucerne growing close (BS 4 has lucerne all around it), shallower prepped soil until rock base, both plants in BS3 grew at even rate, where with BS4, one 'took off' and one never has.

    Not really a difference, but they were both the same distance from that tree in photo.

    I live in Samford, usually, the air temperature gets lower than Brisbane at nigh during winter, and gets 1 - 3 degrees (In summer, not too  sure on Winter/Spring, I'll have to watch) hotter during the day. There may be a bit of thermal storage + and - going on with the true rock base (and maybe the imported rock wall as well).  ... I'll have to check my elevation above sea level ... I think its above 35 & below 45 Meters.

    Brussels Sprout 3 below

    34637051?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Wide shot with Brussels Sprout 3 (twins smaller) and Brussels Sprout 4 (Twins, cannot see it's other twin)34637156?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • How many plants did you have going Rob?  Were they all as successful as the one in the photo?  Finally, are you near the water or inland a bit?  I don't think I could grow anything like that as I'm too close to the water and the temps just don't get cold enough.

  • Looks like I should have given my plants (some years back now) more time. They might have produced.

    That little lot of sprouts and beans looks ever so good!

  • I doff my hat good sir.  Nice gardening. 

  • Yes Lissa, the brussels seem to be the same taste (yummy) as shop bought ones, but those broad beans are miles taster than any bought ones I've tried.

    Thanks Florence, they only reason that the brussels are still there and weren't pulled out, is because I got lazy on the garden for a few weeks (I was disappointed for a long time with the little marbles that went leafy up until I checked recently).

    Cooking BSprouts and uncooked BBeans34636990?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Well done! Better than my attempt for sure ~

  • They look really good. Just like the real thing - something I didn't achieve with my one attempt. Once again, one of those slow growing plants I just didn't have the time or patience for.

    Are they yummy eating?

  • And taste sensational!

  • The sprouts are not all that huge, smaller than golf ball, larger than stonker marble.

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