Brown little luffas

Maybe not pollinated?
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  • I had mine under shade, thought maybe too shady! So will see if open sun will help! I've sprinkled on some dolomite as well...
  • I had 2 saving, then ages and nothing - then 3 more appeared, ate 2 leaving 3 on vine. Ages then nothing and now might be getting more again... maybe shade as it seemed to come to live after overcast days? Alyhough of course it rained too which might have helped.

    I picked the oldest to check for seeds (impatient) but wasted it as seeds are still white. I had cut top off looking for seeds but am trying for loofah anyway... just in case lol
  • My loofah plants are doing exactly the same, Donna, after the first lovely big ones, the rest have gone brown like this. Interesting thought about picking the first fruits, instead of leaving it to seed. I've actually taken off the shade cloths, to see if that helps with flowering.
  • Looks like not pollinated. Perhaps too early in the season ... are they tropical? If so then that could be the reason. That there were fruit growing later on suggests the plant needs more warmth to produce fruit. As well, leaving one fruit on so early in the season means less fruit later on. I understand why that choice was made, would have done the same myself but the plant exists to keep its own species going so if it can set seed then it has little reason to produce more fruit. So perhaps this season, once you see some more coming along, pick the earlier ones to persuade the plant to produce more.
  • Maybe it's still early in the season? For a long time last summer I only had one smooth luffa on the vine .. so I left it for seed saving, but I managed to get half a dozen for eating, and two more for sponge later on...
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