Must eat faster! Has anyone successfully frozen excess crop?
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  • I'll keep that thought in mind. I will keep them on the plant as long as possible but once they start to bud up they need eating.

    My neighbours kids brought home some of my wandering snails today and I sent them home with a head of broccoli as thank you.

  • You could probably keep it like Asparagus: put cut parts into water and leave in the fridge until needed. Works OK for Asparagus but not well for Silver Beet.

  • This is where it falls apart. After the dip into boiling water, cooling down with enough ice cubes to be effective is tricy (never enough ice cubes). Snap freezing we cannot do usually with domestic fridges. The result with beans is rubbery texture and indifferent flavour. I do beans now and then raw. I understand that you do corn whole and raw. Try a head wrapped in something to save fridge burn and see what happens.

  • We can buy frozen from the shops so it's doable. I would need to blanch and snap freeze. Hoping I can eat it all fresh as preference.

  • Not tried. But freezing raw works well with some fruits.

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