Broccoli, cauli and roma toms

New seedlings from Caboolture Mkt last weekend, growing under the Okra. I just love looking at them :D I give them a drink once a day to keep their little roots moist. Important not to let your seedlings dry out or you risk losing the lot.
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  • As below: from Bunnings a few years back. I use them as frames for my net :) Very good they are too.

  • What are those rods called, Lissa? Look like good frames for the vege net which is coming from WA.

  • Thank You

  • They came from Bunnings, maybe three years ago. $15 at the time. They've proved their worth many times over.

  • Can I ask you where did you get the rods from that you are using in this photo. I really need something like that.

  • Me too.

    No, I never sell excess - I give it to family or friends. Plenty of both to share with.

  • I have always had more luck with tomatoes at this time of the year. Do you go to the Markets to sell all your excess produce, if so which one?

  • Roma seedlings are teeny tiny at the moment. Long way to go. Hopefully I get something as nice as the ones you grew but then...that would be a first :/

  • They are looking beautiful, are you happy with your Roma Tom??

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