Blue Banded Bee female

This lovely girl spent quite a bit of time working on an eggplant flower this morning.
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  • I've seen others photos of the boys hanging out together on a stem but likewise have never found them in my garden. The girls nest in the holes between my brickwork, especially in the garage area where its protected from the elements. They're often buzzing around in there and I see them disappear into a little hole.

  • They are my favourite garden worker, I would love to find where they go to at night. They say the female has a nest or mudhole, and the males usually hang around on grass stems or such.

  • Isn't it wonderful to know your garden is so healthy.

  • I'm loving these in the garden at the moment :)  I must be doing something right as I have quite a few of these, teddy bear bees and leaf cutters.  Walking around, you hear them before you see them, so as soon as I hear their loud Bzzzz, I scan around for them. 

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