Leafcutter bee on Alfalfa

I'm unsure what type of bee this one is, but they have been around the garden for a few weeks now.Turns out to be a Leafcutter bee.
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  • Wow! ! Thanks for posting this , I've seen a couple of these in my garden lately and thought they were some type of parasitic wasp.  Excellent - I've now seen these, the blue-banded and the teddy bear bees as well as all my europeans.  The health of my garden must be improving. 

  • What a curious looking bee. This summer I've seen more bees in my garden then ever before and some completely new to me but not this one unfortunately. I suspect some of the insects (flies and wasps look-alikes) we see on our flowers are actually bees.

  • They have a distinctive way of holding their abdomen. Pretty sure they collect pollen on the underside of their abdomen. Been a while since I've read up on them.

    I get a lot of visual indication in my yard that they are around - the little circles removed from soft leafed plants - but rarely see them in person. A real treat when I do.

  • Thanks for the link Elaine, It looks like a Leafcutter bee - Megachile, subgenera Eutricharaea (from the site pics).

  • Rob, try this site. The posts are a bit old but the site is still up. There's some stunning photos and a lot to choose from to ID your bee.

  • Here's a side view.34637293?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    And 2 chasing each other (one's always blurry)34637349?profile=RESIZE_1024x102434637405?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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