Beans despite the heat

The snake beans I planted in Karla's wicking beds are growing lavishly despite the dreadful heat. I get a crop like this twice a week (actual date 11/02). I fill the beds once a week - it takes 20mins each to fill the reservoirs.
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  • Nice!

  • Most of my crop has been going to the kitchen at work to be cooked up for lunches for the clients. I'm a big fan of Snake Beans myself. Love the flavour and texture.

    I'm liking the wicking beds Christa. This is the first time I've had direct experience with them. Sorry to hear you have lost some plants in the heat. Having a wonderful storm here right this moment - lots of thunder and lightening and some good rain.

  • Looks good Lissa, wicking beds are doing better than pots in this heat. A couple of my plants have given up.  Don't like to think about using town water for wicking bins, but have too.

    Ian's mum always used those beans in pickles with some cauli and carrot.

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