Broad Beans

Two of the first fruits, we ate them pod and all, just lightly steamed and with some of our own Asparagus. Yummy!
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  • No idea how they are grown commercially. The dried beans you buy almost surely will grow as will Soy, Lentils, Limas or any other beans/peas which are dried and with their seed coat intact. Plump them out first in water and see if there's a little shoot peeping out - that'll be the 'radicle' the first root. The seed will grow from there.

  • When they grow on a farm do they plant with no support and harvest a single crop  and the dried broad beans  will they grow .

  • Will collect some seeds. Need to leave that until the end of their lives otherwise the plant sets some seed and dies and bang goes your crop.

  • Do you collect seed for next year .

  • Wonderful Elaine.

    Today will be our first picking for the season. Looking forward to a couple of weeks of broad beans.

  • They need to be quite young to enjoy the pods. Once the beans have really started to form, they are best shelled and cooked as beans, pods to the compost.

  • They look wonderful Elaine, can't wait till ours are ready. They taste even better when you have grown them yourself. I'm hoping we may be able to eat our own Asparagus next year.

  • Was gifted some of these yesterday but didn't realise I could eat the pod too (I've only grown them once myself). I nibbled on one and thought better of it. Still have some left so will try steaming them.

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