Baby Pineapple

The pineapple seeds took around 3 weeks to germinate after planting out into a covered seedling tray.The seedlings take the form of a bromeliad (spines and all), even down at 3mm.Link to Earlier Discussion ...
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  • Thanks Dianne, the best ratio (100%), came from a pearlite & vermiculite mix with a few mm of water in the seeding tray, with a 3-5 day tray rinse (leaving a few mm of water in the tray). The perspex cover was on about two-thirds of the time, especially through the daytime, and seedling box had partial shade until 2pm and full sun onwards.

    The tray also had peat moss (grainy/powdery stuff - bought from Patten park nursery, The Gap) & perlite... and these had around 90% success... the soluble materials in the peat moss mix, would have been shared with perlite/vermiculite mix, as they occupied the same tray.

    Five out of seven seeds germinated in a plastic takeaway food container with lid sealed, Two layers of tissue paper (one under and one over the seed) in approx 1mm of water.

    Three out of seven seeds germinated in a glass of water.

    All seeds were cleaned and soaked in water for 2 days before planting.

  • no way, well there you go!

  • This is absolutely fabulous Rob, you certainly have patience. Congrats on getting the seeds to germinate. What did you seed raising mix consist of??

  • Thanks Lissa, something different's always fun.

    Jeff, 15 have germinated so far, with maybe a few more to come (some were sowed more recently). Conjoining factors, such as size, season, growth, and where I'm at when the time seems right, will determine if I go from seedling tray to garden or a pot in-between... I'll probably end up doing a bit of both.

    As for space, most of these are destined for a large wood-chip/mulch, low water garden, consisting mostly of bromeliads... the fruit which comes years down the track will be a bonus from a garden which should withstand dry times due to choice of plants. I have harvested many (over 40) pineapple fruit over the years I've lived here... always from tops and never from seed... it would be the most successful neglected fruiting plant I've grown.

  • How many pineapple plants from seeds and considering how long they take to fruit and how big pineapple plants get are you going to pot or plant and then transplant.

  • Ooooh how incredibly special. We will all need to be very patient while it grows and eventually fruits :) Don't you love those long projects.

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