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  • Glad you liked the links :-)

    It's a pvc downpipe sanded & stained so it looks like a log. That was lettuces but I took them out after they seeded. they bolted waaaay too quick. Now I only have water loving plants in there.

  • hi again....wondering what the stick thing is {is it a bamboo, that has plant spaces cut out ?} and is that lettuce ? 

    PS love the pics via link - and website. cooliz 

  • :-) I've got heaps of brahmi, gotu kola & mint in there now. Gotu Kola to wake me up in the morning, mint to freshen the breath & brahmi to tuck me into bed after the days done!

  • way cool

  • Thanks Ania :-) 

  • What a beautiful setup!!
  • Always a work in progress. Isn't that what gardening is all about? It has been a great motivation for us to push thigs along.
  • yeah Lissa's been on my case for a while now haha, there's just so much to do still...

  • Wow! We need a garden visit at your place :-)
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