angled loofah (?)

Lots of fruit forming. Good eating in their young stage.
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  • This was nasty eating unlike the Angled Loofah I grew in previous years. Might be something slightly different. I've no idea AT ALL where it came from in that particular bed but I have no room for a big vine there, especially if non productive, so it's gone. I've got a regular loofah vine for sponges.

  • It could be my seeds, but I don't know why my angled loofah gets old and tough before it reaches 30cm.  To be sure they still young and edible, I need to harvest them max at 20 cm... 

    I have seen fruits that still looks young at almost 40+ cm in the shops!!

  • Angled loofah? Looks like it to me. We grow em at the school garden. Harvest young for soups and such --  later for the bathroom O(after drying and pealing) . Fun plant. Beautiful yellow flowers. Everyone should grow it. So productive! Kids love the options-- especially with the seed tunnels when all the seeds tumble out: great show. 

    Loofas are sold to eat at a much larger size than the fruits shown. Over 30-40cm. 

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