Green manure while I wait for the carrots to seed
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  • The Alfalfa which started to grow originally is whatever-variety is used for sprouts. The fancy stuff I bought specially is doing OK but no better than the other plants. I doubt it's a problem, whichever variety you use to just mulch with, use what you've got handy.
  • That's probably why Elaine mentioned that she had bought 'summer alfalfa', these were just normal alfalfa seeds ... because I had them handy, luckily the weather has been okay for them and they were just a stop gap anyway so it doesn't really matter if they don't thrive - I'll just chop & drop them :)
  • I thought it's too hot for alfafa /lucerne in summer ~ maybe I will give that a try too ~~ I've only done a little bit of clean up this holiday period, and I can't see myself having any time for my parents' garden for a month or two.... :(
  • Haven't figured out an area exactly ... I bought a packet of Summer Alfalfa from Green Harvest and have sown about half. But I reckon they are way too close, haven't tried to sow them before. Next time I'll fill what's left of the bed with the seeds much further apart. I guess the garden is 3m long by 1 m wide but has other plants growing in it. Don't know about mowing with a domestic mower - never tried. You'd need to have it set as high as possible, leave the catcher on see how it goes. My garden is too rough to mow but expect to cut the Alfalfa with hedge shears so we'll see what happens.
  • Is this the one that you can mow over?  If so I'll have to consider a good location.... how much area are you planting?
  • Or you could put an area aside and grow the Alfalfa instead of buying it. I'm giving that a whirl. Alfalfa plants can live for several years I believe so I should be able to get several cuttings in that time to use as mulch. Or that's the theory! ;-)
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