2nd corn crop of the summer

Thought this lot were going to be duds as the first two I cropped were sparsely kernel-ed. But they seem ok. Had the pleasure of watching my four year old grandson demolish one yesterday. This lot will go into the freezer as is.
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  • Very tempted to try for a third crop myself before the heat goes. I would have to get hold of some seedling though. Seed would take too long to establish.

  • I'm hoping to fit a second crop in this season - replanted a week ago. 

  • F1 of some sort Jan. Nina bought them for me from Caboolture Mkt while she was out there one day. I haven't had any luck with the heirloom varieties grown from seed.

    I want food from my crops, so much as I would prefer not to be growing F1, that's the way it goes until I find seed that grows good, sweet crop.

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