28.08.12 cauli

The white ones all grew tiny, the lime green ones a bit bigger and the purple ones a little bigger again.None come out as big as the retail white ones, but they're tasty.
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  • I popped in to the horse riding place on Albany Creek Road yesterday. At least now I know where they stack the bags of poo....was empty yesterday though. There's a place along the Narangba road I pick it up sometimes.

    Would really like some cow or chicken poo but beggars and so forth.

  • There's a few folks hereabouts who have horses and some trotting trainers too but they're not all that close to you.

  • Wow, It can all be such an exact science can't it. A little mind boggling. If I focused too much on all the different things I should be doing with everything I would stop dead in a mental fog lol, unable to move forward.

    Luckily I don't have much time to spare and am a lazy gardener so I just focus on healthy soil in general and cross my fingers and it seems to work with most things.

    I was trying to find some manure while I was driving around yesterday. What I need is a good constant source from somewhere of quality stuff. One of those Holy Grail things that I might find one day....

  • they like frost - all those retail ones are probably trucked up from Victoria. Interesting that they do better in the heat with a bit of protective pigment. I never (successfully) tried the green and purple ones in Bris. I wonder if they're keen on the phosphates? Definitely calcium too. oh yes, good hunch: look what I found on google: http://www.agric.wa.gov.au/objtwr/imported_assets/content/hort/veg/...

    permaculture source of phosphates is bird manure - e.g. chook manure - rather than horse or cow

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