Photo uploaded on November 13, 2016

The grafted lemon & lime tree took no time to fruit these look like on the lemon side?
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  • Hi. The lemon tree looks great. If you have time clean the grass growing under the leaf canopy area and put some potting mix or similar to cover the cleared area. This will help retain moisture after you have watered and nutrients for better root development of the plant. you will get plenty of lemons next season!

  • Removing fruit from young trees is recommended by Daley's too. The rootstock has to catch up to the scion (the part which fruits) - the scions are probably older and want to fruit but the whole tree's frame is so very immature.

    Yes, remove that grass. Although Citrus have long strong taproots, the feeder roots are shallow. Wet the ground thoroughly and mulch heavily.

  • Fantastic great advice! Thank you
  • Grafted citrus are quick to fruit aren't they?  May I suggest to have the grass around the tree removed?  Citrus have surface roots, and they resent competition... I would also remove fruits for the first couple of years so the tree can concentrate its effort in growing a good and strong frame... but some people do keep them :)

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