Preserving the leek harvest.

Washed and thinly slice. Blanched in salted water for a few minutes. Cooled quickly in ice water. Frozen on a tray for easy separation. Packed in ziplock bags ready for future meal. 

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  • Yes they've been a great success. Can't say the same about the walking onions. All that rain rotted their roots and most have died. A couple left may survive but mostly when plants get root rot it's the end of them. Hopefully no more flooding rain

  • Nice work Dave!  I have some in pots and some in the ground but they are tiny yet. 

  • Started of with a dozen perennial leeks and now I have heaps. All the mature ones have lots of babies growing from them so they really do multiply. Next year will be able to harvest as many as I want. Great plants

  • Boonies seeds. 

  • Where from?


  • Nice.  I have ordered:


    collard greens

    5 walking onion bulblettes

    perpetual spinach and 

    lebanese cucumbers. 

  • I bought my walking onions from the Seed Collection Walking Onion (Bulb) | The Seed Collection Sold out at the moment but it shouldn't be long before they restock. 



    Walking Onion (Bulb) | The Seed Collection
    Allium x proliferum. A easy to grow, clump-forming biennial growing to 60cm tall with long hollow leaves resembling a bunching onion. As plants matur…
  • I think they are the way to go. This nice lady is worth buying from and get her

    The Tranquil Garden Nursery – Welcome to The Tranquil Garden Nursery. Specialising in Dahlias, flow…
  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the videos, they are great.  I would love to grow some.  I really like using perennial plants, as it looks like you can just harvest them when you want.

  • Hi Vivieene

    Love that name by the way. Perrenial leeks you can see here  Once planted they keep multiplying so you don't have to keep replanting and Walking onions you can see here  Another one that once planted keeps going forever. Buying is a problem but I can let you know if you're still interested

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