2016 Sweet potatoes

2016 Sweet potatoes
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  • The foliage never really dies down Barbara. Have a feel around with your fingers. The tubers are within 1 foot of the surface and quite often break the surface or are only 2-3 inches below.

  • They've certainly scrubbed up well, James. Like Andy, I've been inspired to look under mine. The foliage of the white ones hasn't died down yet, even though they've been in well over 5 months.

  • Andy if they've been in for more than 5 months, they should be there.

  • I have to go and have a dig around in my tuber bed soon. 

  • Even Beauregards taste best straight from your garden.

  • I placed a few vine cuttings  in the area near the water melons last September and I found these  breaking the surface yesterday. There are a lot of runners and it takes about 5 months to develop tubers, so here's hoping more will appear later on.

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