2016 Pumpkin fully grown

2016 Pumpkin fully grown
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  • Yeah, I hear ya.  I still dream of 40 acre block somewhere for $200k that 4 like minded families could buy.  They'd each have 10 acres and could build a top of the range house for $200k.  That'd be all of $250k for a mansion on 10 acres.... *Andy sighs*

  • Thanks Andy, its a pity Ipswich is so far from McDowall, we could definitely barter and exchange produce but the fuel costs would out way the savings, not to mention my carbon footprint.

  • What a cracker!

  • Can you take a look at the pumpkin photo I just posted James and tell me what variety you think it might be?

  • Due to last night's very welcomed  rain a small split developed at the center so I decided to harvest it so the split could harden off. I'm very happy with the 6.59 kilos.  I still have one left but it is still growing.

  • James - that "status" postings don't link to the object of your comment. Best to open the pic of the item you wish to comment on and comment there.

  • This is the pumpkin:---"Bag Removed" I posted in early January and I'd love to weigh it but it needs to stay on the vine for a few more months yet. My back yard is like a scene from  " The Day of the Pumpkins" or was that ---- Triffids? When we finally get cooler days I'm going to be busy pollinating pumpkins and bagging the flowers. Pat's got an easy to grow squash there, great to have something that likes the heat. My ckokos still haven't started flowering yet, but have climbed over everything.

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