2016 March mulberries

2016 March mulberries
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  • If there's an upside to climate change, extra fruit crops is it.

  • The mulberry tree is still producing the daily harvest, I am wondering how much longer?

  • The mulberry tree here has had a second slow crop through summer for a few years except this one. I would only had seen 20 in total and most of them in poor shape.

  • Because the tree provides so much shade, I toss all the  weeds  under the mulberry tree, and that's a lot of mulch. The weed seeds don't germinate and the only sun that gets to the ground only happens in winter. There is  a lot of worm activity under the tree, so it always looks healthy.

  • My Dwf Pink Shatoot has been covered in green fruit for many weeks but they show no sign of ripening. Half expect them to all fall off one day. The black - no sign.

    Your a lucky man :)

  • Look to your soil, Barbara - that's where tree health begins.

    The Mulberries aren't fruiting but the Dragon Fruits are. Around 18 new buds so far; be good if they all result in edible fruit. Some drop off and not having had it bud up so late, interested to see if they stick around to maturity.

  • Mine's not fruiting much either, despite usually giving me 2 crops a year. This year, the ants have been farming nasty big scales on the tree, and when I was away, it got so bad that the tree was struggling to keep going. If it had been anything but a mulberry, I think it would have succumbed. I have been spraying with white oil every day, after giving the tree a thorough hosing with the hard jet of the hose. I've even put one of those glue bands on the tree, but it's not terribly effective - the ants just get underneath it, as the mulberry bark is quite rough. Any ideas, anyone?

  • Lucky you James, you'll have to grow some cuttings from that tree, I'd put my hand up for one :)
    I see an occasional flower/fruit but just one off. SeptemberOctober is when mine fruits.
    Brick weights are a great idea Cres. Will have a good look at my branches when the tree has lost its leaves and weigh them down as needed.
  • Cres, I do that with my dwarf mulberry trees. If you get the branch when it is young, it seems to work.  Maybe it will work with soft wire as well. Anything to pull the branches down to reaching height.

  • I chopped my two 10m high trees down to stumps two seasons ago. I was hoping the new low regrowth would provide accessible mulberries this year but nothing so far, just leaves. Hopefully next year. It's a super resilient tree. I've been training the new branches with baling twine tied to bricks to grow outwards at picking height similar to espaliering.

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