2016 March choko

2016 March choko
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  • Between 3 and 4 inches is the maximum size for maximum sweetness. No peel, the seed is nutty don't waste it. Gently fried and they take longer to soften than you'd think, they are at their simple best. Sooo sweeet ...

  • Both recipes for the choko sound good. My green died when smothered by the Madagascar Bean plant but the white has really taken off with leaf growth. Plenty of flowers - yet to see how much fruit it sets.

    Christa - they are good eaten like a little apple when small. Fresh and crispy. Did you manage to get your Kombucha mother as I have a small one to give away at the moment?

  • Wow, starting to drool, we will have to try them with garlic white sauce.   They have always been regarded as a fill in vegetable, to make you feel full.  Maybe we had to pick the small ones so that Mum could keep the supply up. They were about the size of a large egg. They were always used in chutney.

  • Christa they are best before  the seed starts to protrude from the bottom. Its still very edible but needs the seed cut out. Its all in the cooking. As a kid I hated them, but my Chrissie's mum did them in a garlic white sauce,  YUM!! I've been hooked ever since. Also Chris boils them in chicken stock, then does them under the griller  with Parmesan on top, and don't get me started on the apples substitute.

  • Years ago, we used to eat the young choko skin seed and all, steamed baked and stewed.  It is a lot easier if you don't have to peel or cut seed out. They are nice in a curry

  • The shoots are good to eat.

  • How big are they when you harvest them, James? I'm growing a choko, which is just starting to flower, and have been told to pick them young. My family are VERY negative about chokos, but I'm hoping that young ones will be accepted if gently steamed.

  • I just counted 10 ckokos at about 2 inches long. there are many just beginning to form, great to have good rain again.

  • The only one to brave the heat, and its hanging in my Jack Fruit tree. I have heaps of young ones on now, and we are in for a good crop. I have harvested this one and will eat it soon.

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