2016 March beans

2016 March beans
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  • Sophie :- I only have 3 bean plants still with a leaf or two but each has a fully developed bean pod so am hoping to plant the seeds next August, and keep collecting the seeds etc, etc . Most of my plants are grown from the seeds I have saved.

  • Sorry having tech issues adding photos to comments on ipad here: https://brisbanelocalfood.ning.com/photo/image-513
  • Oh no James it looks like my bush beans have also met an unfortuante fate. The first row were planted earlier into compost/potting mix mounds into the lasagne/sheeting mulch and have started to get a weird coating, and have started shivelling up (waterlogged?). The second row were germinated at the same time but I only planted them in yesterday - see photo
  • Right; refreshed my memory of that post. I know there are others as well and some really excellent photos. Worth a search if only for interest's sake.

    The Bob's Beans which Jane sent to me are bean fly resistant which is something but they still do get it a bit. They are enthusiastic climbers and produce the sweetest flat fruits. Turns out they are a variety of Italian bean, quite a different bean to the round 'French' bean. To our taste, the best beans there are (subjective I know).

    If climbers are your thing I can send some seeds to you James.

    As for grow-cover, I have found a supplier of VegeNet in West Aus. Not a preferred place to haul stuff from but they had the best prices for the sizes (it's all pre-cut) so I've stocked up on vegenet.

    Once it cools off a bit you shouldn't have any problems with Cabbage White although with global warming, a supply of vegenet and a good frame could come in handy.

  • Musings on the Bean Fly

    Well I found the discussion on bean fly Elaine, and I have been thinking of using the insect barrier called Grow Cover mesh. I do want to grow broccoli and caulies.

  • Now that's a good piece of advice Elaine. Useful. Thank you.

  • Thanks Elaine

  • James I've not researched this but I have heard from a horticulturalist that bean fly leave eggs in the bean seeds. Sounds like not using possibly-infected seeds might be the go. There's some early posts on bean fly with pix too on BLF might save some heartache.

  • Yes Lissa, but I think they are doomed, just hoping to get a few seeds to plant again and over some generations I hope they build up some resistance. I did pick about a dozen early beans and Christine enjoyed them. I'm not fussed on beans but she really likes them raw with a yogurt based dip.

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