2016 Green Tree Frog

2016 Green Tree Frog
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  • Erk, not frogs legs Andy!

  • I know right?!  Can you imagine the cost of rehabilitating hundreds of legless frogs?  And who's gunna make all those tiny wheel chairs?

  • Frogs and Toads are closely related. A lot of frogs have poison glands behind their heads similar to but not as obvious as cane toads' poison glands. I believe the Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea) can be at least hallucinogenic; I've read about dogs licking them in a kind of ecstasy.

    Apart from being protected native wildlife, I'd pass on eating them however creatively prepared.

  • LOL.  Actually, their skin is quite poisonous, especially to dogs.  Pretty much like a cane toad as far as my dogs were concerned.  I worry that most people don't know that. 

  • Oh my God, Some Mother's DO HAVE UM!!!!!!

  • Anyone know if they are edible?

  • Oh, so cute I am preparing an old stainless laundry basin to make into a water garden, do you think that would make a satisfactory home for frogs.

  • Yep. Looks weird but it works. I have a tacky old fibreglass bath surrounded with chicken wire too high for the toads to jump into. Found a female toad wallowing in the water when it was first installed hence the barricade. Weirdly although the Striped Marsh cannot climb like the tree frogs do, they can get in and lay fertile eggs. Suppose the froglets exit via the tiny holes in the wire. Seems impossible to me but they manage.

  • Hi Elaine, no there isn't a pond, but I should create an above ground one that toads can't get into, heh?

  • Or she. Is there a nice toad and other-frog-free pond they can breed in?

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