2016 Chokos

2016 Chokos
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  • I harvested 8 good sized chokos this morning. The western side of my large macadamia is totally covered with choko vine. The Maca's leaves are dying off due to no sunshine, but that's fine because as soon as the weather cools the vines will die off and I'll prune the thick vine leading to the Maca.

  • None at the moment James. The white still has tiny babies on it. The green died smothered by the Madagascar Bean plant. I find choko responds really well to a good thunder storm. Must like the nitrogen.

  • Hey Lissa are you getting heaps of chokos? I'm picking some really nice tender ones now and there seems to be heaps of young chokos developing.

    Some more rain would be handy.

  • Noice :)

  • The recent rains  have helped the 2 choko vines to start producing like there's no tomorrow. I tried to count the number and I had to give up.

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