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  • Ada, I created 3 mounds and sowed 2 seeds in each. 6 vines produced 13 fruit, It should have been much more as I lost a lot of early female flowers to fruit fly as they were stung before the flowers even opened for pollination, I eventually found a way to protect the immature bud. The vines are still growing and providing we don't get a bad frost, the next crop should be a bumper one.

  • What a beauty!!!!  No, not you, the pumpkin.

  • Well done you! I have a couple of scraggly looking vines, self sown, trying to do their thing in my garden at the moment. Have no expectations.

  • Jap aka Kent really are a nice dry sweet nutty Pumpkin and well worth the effort.

  • This is one of 13 pumpkins from last season. It weighed in at over 5.1 kgs and was the largest. I had to cross pollinate the flowers and protect the baby fruit from fruit fly.

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