2014 Garlic Crop

Planted 24 cloves of locally-sourced Garlic on 8th April. Harvested 23 mature bulbs 8th October.
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  • Garlic is on my mind (and fingers and probably breath too). I grew some this year for the first time and have just started harvesting. I have been using it fresh - seems great. I don't think I'm organised enough to try and store it.

  • Nice, mine average about 20 grams so I'm just going to roast the lot in the pizza oven. It's still a few kilos worth but who has the time to bother with such painfully small bulbs!
  • Oh that Glen Large! A couple of years back a few of us on BLF got together and bought some of those and another variety whoever-it-was was pushing for warm climates. Uniformly we did not have successful crops.

    Just now mine weigh between 40 and 80 grams per bulb. 

  • Nice work Elaine. How big are the bulbs? I pulled out over 200 bulbs a few weeks ago but they are painfully small! Who ever named Glen Large is having a joke I think!
  • Yes! This is where getting that Garlic-woman's contact details is important. Too much off-chance about going specifically to Redcliffe to buy and she's not there.

  • I think I need to find a variety that can handle our hot winters. 

  • How do you manage that? ;-) I've killed whole regiments of plants over time but Garlic is one of the more bullet-proof.

  • I meant growing Elaine.  I kill garlic faster than you can plant it. 

  • Nup, it's not simple Andy. I thought a cool spot was x and stored 2 kgs of biodynamic Garlic bought at no little expense from Patrice Newell in the Hunter. Three months later, it was all shooting. Buying Garlic from colder areas doesn't store well although a cooler spot would have been better I expect.

    In the past I've grown several crops of Garlic including Russian Giant and had little trouble storing it for many months. But then I got lazy and lost my planting material ;-\ This particular Garlic is the closest I've got to locally-adapted and from observation I reckon that's the clue to storage apart from a cool spot.

  • STOP THAT RIGHT NOW ELAINE!!!!  (I can just hear you, "Sooooo simple, Andy"  

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