1st Baby Cabbage

My first Baby Cabbage will be used for dinner tonight and Coleslaw tomorrow. A few little holes in it but we had a lot of Leaf Hoppers here a couple of weeks ago.
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  • Rob, I'm not having trouble with cabbage Moths only those horrible little Leaf Hoppers. And they just leave a few little holes in the older leaves.

  • How are the cabbage moth going with your cabbages? I'm picking grubs off some of mine and trying to decide when to cease picking the grubs and just go for the growing head. The presence of cauliflower seems to give the butterflies a more desirable target over the cabbages.

  • I will send you a PM, BLF Members have been buying this from Tim for many years.

  • Haha baby by attachment from care in gestation ;) Looks yum Dianne, might even be some left over for sauerkraut? Where do you get Tim's Manure/compost?
  • Very nice indeed :)

  • I grew the Baby Cabbages in Grow Bags with my Compost, Coffee Grounds, Tim's Manure/Compost and a bit of Searls Vegetable and Herb mix and wallah!!!

  • Looks great, Dianne! Wish I could do as well with cabbage.

  • yumm!

  • Don't you know Susan that BLF'ers only have big Babies, look at Sophie's.

  • That doesn't look like a baby :)

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