18.02.13 Red Okra

Very pretty flower and fruit. Nice and crunchy raw when small.
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  • I even got one of my non-gardening cousins to eat one raw on Monday and she liked it too.

  • Okra is the thickening the Cajuns use and they call it 'gumbo' (whether the resultant soup or the Okra itself I don't know). The Okra I see in the fruitshops is too big imo, I prefer em small and tender about 3 to 4 inches long. I've found that raw is OK but we prefer them shallow-fried either whole or in pieces and fried until just tender. I don't notice any difference in taste between the red and green.

  • I thought it was fantastic to eat raw.
  • I don't actually grow the green ones. I bought some green at the fruit shop years back and steamed them - super yuck. Put me off them I thought forever.

    Elaine "encouraged" me to try growing these red ones and I really like them. You can cut them up in a salad, nice a crunchy, and I really like them added to stir fry and soup.

    Making chicken soup as we speak with a heap of tender young fruit in it. I think they might help thicken a little.

  • Are these as gummy as the green ones?

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