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  • Thanks Dave.  I think the idea of the better linking with FB will be a hit.  However, the only person who says anything on the FB group is me.  I think I'll start to add a few "Did you know" posts there that link back to our ning site.  I've been anxious about sharing events because God only knows how many people might turn up.  It's another think that I'll flag for discussion at the meeting on the 26th. 

  • I've been thinking --something I simply cannot avoid -- and I thought some things about BLF.
    Since BLf started a lot of local gardening groups have blossomed on facebook so the 'need' is less pan-urban when people share their postcode proximity instead of embracing a broader community.
    So my first suggestion is for BLF to shift a lot of its discussion to a fascebook group. We'd get much more Q&A, participation and spontaneity.
    The problem with ning is you have to come here and sign in ...
    So a fb group makes sense to me.
    As for focus -- what i'm thinking of is that pairing the fb group with resource pages is the way to go and these pages are a great resource. So as required, linking to referred coverage here as discussion develops in the group makes sense.
    Afterall facebook is a terrible archive and retrieving posts is almost impossible.
    As for events at peeps homes...If people flag an interest in attending they could be privately via Messenger contacted with the details.
    As for seed sharing, cooking, preserving, homesteading and whatever...i think facebooking would offer a new lease of life and the options will suggest themselves thru dialogue and initiatives.

  • Sounds good, Andy.

  • Sorry.  I am just organising a changed approach.  I will host a meeting on Sunday 26 June.  I'd like to talk about potential ways forward, a refocus the site planning session:

    • Seed bank ?
    • Produce give aways/swap table?
    • Practical get togethers to make something - cheese, bread, cakes, jams - whatever?
    • Garden visits would become a more minor part of the reason we get together and move to a "can someone show me aquaponics or native bees?" type requests.

    I will put an event up for this.

  • Hi Barbara, that sounds like a great idea, I could maybe do 9.30am this Sunday on the way up but have to confirm - would that suit others? Cheers

  • Could I suggest a few of us   - as many as you like - meet up to come up with a system for doing the seed thing and work out the details?

    I would be happy to host the meeting at my place - next Sunday (12th) or some other time that would suit. 

  • I always come back with way to many seeds from the produce store when I pick up chook feed and don't ever let me visit Seed Collection! I wonder if maybe seasonal/quarter would work though monthly would be good for engagement but might be too much to organise/cost. What do others think? Apologies this thread should maybe go somewhere else?

  • I'd be in as well.  I suspect a lot of us would save a fortune at Bunnings.  

  • Had a bit of a cheeky idea - what about an organised BLF seed subscription? As in, members can donate saved seed and leftover (not expired) seed to a central BLF depot and then they get redistributed monthly - say $5 per month, each member get new lot of seasonal seeds, eg 5 different types, posted? Would encourage new experiments, seed sharing and saving (good to keep heritage seeds going) etc. I almost spent $45 on seeds before I stopped myself. Proceeds go to BLF. Whadaya reckon. I'd be keen

  • Thanks for the support Valerie. 

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