HONG VO posted a status
Nov 26, 2021
Hi all, sorry I don't know how to start a thread, but I'm looking for cassava cuttings, comfrey, papaya seeds (bixexual), banana pups, or any fruit seedlings and seeds you can give. I have some veg seeds to swap. Thanks for looking!

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  • I have snake bean seedlings and hairy melon seeds, I live on the north side close to CBD. I can also give you red dragon fruit cuttings.

  • Hong - click the "discussion" button.  Then there is a plus sign on the right just below the header. 

  • I've got a couple of (small, neglected, but alive) comfrey plants, and a raspberry plant you are welcome to have. Mulberry cuttings have rooted and have just been potted up. Send me a friend request and I'll give you my address and contact details.
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