May 16

About me:


I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Transition Annerley, Ecodigs, creating sustainable community living in the city Logan Can = a group that promotes community gardens +++ around Logan (1000 km sq) auspiced by LACA

I am interested in:

Gardening for social justice and combating poverty Creating a mix between cohousing and ecovillage in the city, 5-10 km out of centre on the south side. Creating food security for low social economic areas and groups

My website is:



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  • thankyou for letting me know!

    deleted >_>

  • Welcome back then Gabrielle!
  • Just discovered the website you quote is not available for reading of content unless I'm a member. A bit odd that, just not willing to sign up to something without any idea whatever of what it's about!
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food, happy gardening!
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