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growing food crops , orchids , native plants , reading , music , fishing .

The Rain Has Stopped

Finally a chance to get out in the garden ( sunday morning ) only to find quite a few problems as a result of the un-seasonable rain and warm temperatures . The last of my broccoli went from large thight heads to open almost flowering in 4 days,…

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  • Hi Christopher, thank you for the ginger and turmeric, they are going in this weekend.

  • you must have really green fingers wish mine were half as green as yours iam having serious germination problems here at margate


  • yay! :) I love your photos

  • Hi Chris. Turns out I can go to the seed savers on 17th (had the wrong date). Did you want to send along some of your excess Turmeric to share out with the group? Or come along with us?
  • Hi Christopher, I wonder if you could help Elaine with this?


  • Thank you so much for coming Chris.

    Really sorry about the problems getting that palm out - thank you for perservering and getting it out for Nancy who has given it a good home.

    I've refilled the hole with good garden soil and cow poo and can now relish getting hold of some new useful plant to go in there.

    Glad you're rethinking the Lychee :D Maybe you'll be luckier than me getting some crop to eat before the fruit bat does.

  • Hope to see you in November, must have been a busy year - I miss you and your great practical advice!
  • Hi Chris
    Some feedback re your lovely eggplants - the white one was actually not too old to eat, and the green ones were delicious! Both were tender and sweet, so they're the next ones I'll be growing - I bought some seeds off ebay (green, white and orange) so if you wanted to do some seed raising, I can give you some seeds. Elaine has also given me 2 very ripe white ones which I am keeping for seed.
  • Hi Chris, we missed you at my garden visit - hope everything is alright and look forward to seeing you at one soon.
  • Hi Chris, finally back from my holiday. I probably won't be able to find time to get out your way until after Christmas - maybe between Christmas and New Year? ... are you going away?
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