Vivienne Hallman commented on Valerie's photo
"Hi Dave,
Thanks for the videos, they are great.  I would love to grow some.  I really like using perennial plants, as it looks like you can just harvest them when you want."
Jul 23, 2022
Vivienne Hallman commented on Valerie's photo
"Hi Dave, you talk about Walking Onions and Perennial Leeks,can you give me some more information about them.  Also where might I be able to buy some to grow.  Thanks"
Jul 23, 2022
Vivienne Hallman is going to The first ever Brisbane Local Food redirection meeting
Jun 24, 2022
Andrew Cumberland replied to Vivienne Hallman's discussion Turmeric
"Damn.  I put turmeric powder in everything I cook.  Remember to add ground black pepper as well as the turmeric.  It helps absorb the curcumin which is the anti-inflamatory element. "
May 25, 2022
Vivienne Hallman replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion Courses to fund the site in BLF Futures
"Glad you liked my suggestion Andy!!  How about we start with something simple like pickling or fermenting?  Part of the idea of running some mini courses was to provide a place for members to have some more social interaction.  It's always great…"
May 25, 2022
Vivienne Hallman posted a discussion
My turmeric had died down, and I was concerned that it may be starting to rot with all the rain.  So I decided to dig it up.  Originally I planted just 4 small rhizomes, but harvested about a kilo, so I was very happy.
How do people like to use…
May 25, 2022
Vivienne Hallman commented on Sophie's blog post May 2022
"Hi Sophie,
A couple of suggestions to make your weeds a productive part of your garden without too much effort on your part.
Firstly you could use a chicken tractor.  Light weight construction with wheels on one end for esy moving.  The chickens…"
May 25, 2022
Vivienne Hallman left a comment on Dehydrating and Grinding for Storage
"When looking to replace wheat flour, you might like to consider whether you want a flour which is higher in protein, such as quinoa, and therefore more nutritious. Or a flour which is higher in essential fatty acids, such as almond flour."
Mar 13, 2022

Jerusalem artichokes

 Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone knows where I may be able to get some Jerusalem artichoke tubers to plant.  They are a great vegetable but I have not found any around.

Thank you

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  • Hi Vivienne, Thanks for inviting me as your friend and offering to help me to find a place with good soil. I just noticed that. I am still not very familiar with BLF website.

  • Hi Vivienne,

    Thanks for your email,

    Yes I am always interested in sharing ideas. The ideas I have experimented in have mostly been gleaned from visiting other peoples places and even some from TV shows, etc. for example growing in PVC tubes was gleaned from watching on Tino on Gardening Australia. Carrots are my most successful crops grown this way over the cooler months. Growing in Horse Feed bags came from a visit to a very resourceful refugee arrival who was often moving from one rental house to another. It was his way of being able to move   house and take his garden with him. He used lasagne type layers of leaves / grass clippings / food scraps / and any manure he could scrounge. His crops cost almost nothing to grow and were easily movable when the time came. 

    Anyway thanks for the contact I look forward to sharing ideas with you on this,

    Regards Roger

  • Only just saw your reply Vivienne.  Sorry about that.  I might be biased but the folks here are quite a lovely bunch.  It's well worth coming along to a garden visit to meet a few of them.  Jeez, it's well worth going to a garden visit just to eat the food!  LOL. 

  • Welcome Vivienne,  I sincerely hope you are able to come and enjoy our garden events.  Some of us employ permaculture practices and some organic growers and some grow just what they need to supplement their daily food needs.   

    We love growing fruit trees and have a collection of common and rare fruit trees and vines. Maybe we are getting a bit physically aged but our minds are still young.  

    You would be a great asset to our group with your knowledge of plants and your ability to turn "waste materials"into food and more.

  • Good Evening Vivienne, Welcome to Brisbane Local Foods (BLF). I am sure you will be a very welcome New Member to our Site.

    Here at the top of the page, you will find many GROUPS to join. One of these is the GARDEN VISITS, 2020 GARDEN VISITS CALENDAR .

    I am sure you would enjoy visiting our member’s gardens. We have members who grow many different kinds of Gardens, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Wicking Beds, Traditional and many more. The GV's are usually held once a month. At the GV's we share cuttings, plants, produce, seeds, knowledge as well as a good chat and a lovely Homemade Morning Teas. 

    We have many subjects of interest, if you have any questions I am sure we would have a member or site available to answer that question. If you feel you are particularly adept in a field you may like to add a new Group to our List or perhaps do a talk or demonstration at one of our GV. If a yes for the GV you might like to friend me and we can see what we can do. We are always looking for new ideas.

    You may like to go into your page and change the Pea Leaf Avatar for one of your own, it makes it a little more personal and as soon as we see your own Avatar we know who it is. Please enjoy BLF…..

  • Welcome to the site Vivienne.  Hope you enjoy it. 

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