December 29



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  • Hi Trinette, how's your new place going??
  • Hehe, sometimes I think of giving up uni and just studying horticulture instead and spending all my time in the garden with my chickens. : )
  • Hi Trinette, I think I only have one survived.. I am preparing a mini banana and paw paw circle and thinking of transplanting the surviving one there next weekend... I would like to get a couple more dwarf ones for the circle but I am not sure whether I should wait till spring, or do it now ^^... so much to do in the garden, a few hours on the weekend is not enough!!!
  • Hi Trinette, just wondering how your banana pups are growing? I think only one of my three is growing new leaves... but they are still in a temporary position...
  • Oh no, I can't believe you'll be away :( You will have to do a blog now to tell me all about how your seeds are coming along - nothing happening here yet... think I'll have to plant with the baby hothouse - bother what a waste of seeds!
  • Glad you had a good time - did you end up going to the expo.. and if so was there enough time to see anything - hopefully I will get there one year surely!

    I did some planting on Sunday too, but not very much in the scheme of things - still have heaps of empty beds but am waiting for the seeds I planted the week before to come up. If they don't by this weekend I will have to make mini greenhouses and plant them directly.
  • Have you made soap before?
  • I can't comment on your blog - it's doing something weird, it thinks I want to flag it, not comment on it? ning problems - so i'll be here instead
    those expensive designer bags just have a twist tie incorporated in the top of them - maybe just some garbage bag ties would do the trick nicely? also maybe use waxed kitchen paper - it would be water resistant (again this is basically what the designer ones are made of - you might need to be good at origami though)
  • You are most welcome, Trinette :-) My pleasure and enjoy that garlic! :-)
  • Hi Trinette, I managed to scab some orange and red habanero chili seeds from a lovely man on whirlpool forum for us! I will give you them at your meeting on Sunday :)
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