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Potatoes 2010

Desiree Potatoes. Planted March and April 2010.

May 2010:
As they grew I piled them up with horse manure and mulch just leaving a little bit of green poking out.…

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  • Yes Tracy,

    It was lovely to meet you and have a chat. So many people are striving for sustainability. There are so many aspects to our lifestyles. I hope you can come and visit us some time. Also we are happy to drive to visit your family too. We bought a hybrid, still not sure if it is really helping the planet...but it is cheaper to run that is for sure. I do quite a lot of driving, which is one thing I need to learn to replace with walking more. Driving the car is my most difficult challenge in sustainability.

  • Hello Tracy
    I had to make a new banner cos I lost the old photos. I've stolen your magnificent tomatoes pick for it - I hope that's ok
    cheers Scarlett
  • Thanks for that Tracy. I didn't get around to plant the cucumber yet, will do it this weekend. I've tried planting the corns you gave me 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately only 2 came up ^^ ... guess you can't keep corn seeds long at all so I better use up all the corn seeds I bought this season ^^ Hope to see u again this Sunday :)
  • Lovely to meet you in person yesterday Tracey :)
  • Hi Tracy, I got a few cucumber seeds off you at the recent garden visit, but I didn't bring a pen and forgot the name of the cucumber... would you mind telling me the name of the cucumber seed I got please? Thanks..
  • >or if it's just lucky?
    Or serendipity! :-)
  • My mum just found this site searching for nematodes as well - I wonder if Donna tagged it especially well, or if it's just lucky?

    Well hopefully your future cucumbers will be marvellous :)
  • welcome Tracy :)
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