Susan commented on Roger Clark’s status
"Yes Roger, where are you guys moving too? Hopefully somewhere with decent soil and rain.  "
Sep 13, 2022
Susan commented on Dave Domm’s status
"I have a grafted Pinkerton that's quite healthy if you are still after one. "
Sep 13, 2022
Susan commented on Susan's blog post Back to the garden
"Sorry to hear tht you've not been well Dianne - hope you are on the mend and I'll see you Sunday.  Yeah Christa, I broke my ankle middle of January (Running in a forest and tripped on a rock :P )  so was completely non-weight bearing for 6 weeks,…"
Apr 21, 2022
Apr 21, 2022
Dianne Caswell commented on Susan's blog post Back to the garden
"Hi susan, Pleased to see you back on BLF and in the Garden. You have certainly done well to get so much done under the circumstances. So sorry to hear about your broken leg, it is a blessing when you have a good husband & family to help you out. I…"
Apr 14, 2022
Andrew Cumberland commented on Susan's blog post Back to the garden
"Good to see you back!  Glad you are slowly getting back on your feet. You sure did well with the pumpkins.  "
Apr 13, 2022
Christa commented on Susan's blog post Back to the garden
"Whoa!!  what a bummer, did you break your ankle.  I've lost count of the leg bones that I've broken over the years.  Life is harder for you, especially doing gardening, I found it easier to use a slide walker frame while gardening, you can attach a…"
Apr 13, 2022
Barbara Tealby commented on Susan's blog post Back to the garden
"Can't keep a good woman down. Sorry to hear about the broken leg, but it looks as if you haven't let it get in the way of awesome production. Hope you are all better soon."
Apr 12, 2022

Back to the garden

Hi everyone, 

Well it's been a while.  I have slowly been getting back into the garden since I broke my leg and am tackling the jobs 1 by…

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The garden come spring

Well spring has surely sprung but I’m still waiting on consistently nice weather before I count my chickens. I have been trying to get all my irrigation updated and ready for summer when there is just no way I’ll get enough time to make sure the…

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  • Hi susan hows things? I wonder how your pink iona grape went? I recall you weren't liking the muscadine so were going to replace it with a pink iona. My muscadine is fruiting for the first time and its on drip irrigation but i fear my kids wont like it.

  • Hi Susan. Sounds like your GV went well? It's certainly an oasis you have there. On my way home on Saturday I thought what a great way to have your strawberries, and I want to do the same thing. Keeps them off the ground, extra water from the waterwell pots, and you can move them around. Best of all it's so easy to set up and by using the fence space I can free up an entire garden bed! What size troughs did you use (450mm, 600mm, 700mm)? How many plants per pot? But mainly I am interested in those racks you use to hang them - do you remember what they were called, what brand, where did you get them?
  • I plan to be at the GV in Dayboro, if you are going. I'll be sure to bring some.

  • Thanks for the info, Susan. There's programmes alright, too darned many of them. Tried several, none keep the 300dpi the pictures are at.

    The programme you used is not available to me on the Mac but I do have others already that I can make up something to use as a template. I was hoping to save myself the hassle ;-)

  • Hi Susan! Welcome aboard. I look forward to hearing more about your garden, especially the edging, since I'm doing the same thing right now! :-)

  • welcome Susan :)
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