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Some Healthy Juices

Now the citrus in our garden is right for picking we are enjoying fresh juices every day, hoping to keep away the colds and flu's that are going around.…

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Look what I adopted on the weekend :)

I adopted these two adorable little creatures on the weekend.  We had an old hutch so dusted it off and it was ready to go.  We have also made a small (crow proof) pen that we are going to put them in during the day so they can he keep the grass…

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New Lavender Soap

I made another batch of soap last night, lavender, using lavender essential oil and organic lavender flowers, smells divine, the hardest part now is to wait the month for it to dry before it can be used.…

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Tomatoes & Revitalized Herbs

Here is a dish of tomatoes I picked yesterday, I haven't grown this variety before but had heard it was the best for the Brisbane climate, great not stung by fruit fly, nice size, I will definitely be growing the Tommy Toe's again.  I also tidied up…
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  • Hello Shirley,

    Thanks for becoming friends on Brisbane Local Food

  • Hi Shirley,

    There seem to be fewer niches in the top bar hive for beetles to hide and lay their eggs. I build a trap for the beetles and their larvae under my hives as well. It seems to help but is not a guaranteed solution if you get unlucky with beetle pressure. There is a lure you can use to trap the larvae when they get out of control but I'm waiting for someone to send me the recipe.

    Cheers, Tim

  • Hi Shirley-Alison,

    thanks for the friend request. I'll try and keep our upcoming workshops up to date on the Brisbane local food site.

    Cheers, Judith

  • Thank you for the friend request, S-A :-) There's a lot of info floating about on this GM debacle ... I get a weekly newsletter from Food Freedom in the States: http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/ it concerns raw milk too and other local food issues. - Have a great week - Elaine
  • Hi Alison
    I am running a permaculture series starting this weekend coming (Saturday 13 March) at Roma Street Parkland. The first of the series of 3 workshops will be covering the introduction to permaculture and design and the following workshops later in the year will cover the remained of the permaculture course. The difference is that what I offer is an adapted version suitable for those of us living in the suburbs. We will still cover the key permaculture areas though.
    Would you like to be part of the action?
    Let me know . You can call me if you like 3349 2962
  • Hi Alison
    The cost for the Permaculture workshops is $65 per workshop or $185 per series of three. SIngificantly cheaper than doing a live-in permaculture course but just as fun. I'll send you a brochure if you like??
  • Hi Alison, welcome to the site. Of course you can come to the garden visit, I see you already had accepted the invitation to the GV, so when I send out my address closer to the date, you should receive it.
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food! You may be interested in joining the 'Group' Brisbane Seed Savers, there is a Discussion for swapping seed at the February Garden Visit.
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