Andrew Cumberland replied to Scarlett's discussion Turmeric, ginger and galangal leaves: patholi and more
"I crash tested this tonight.  The turmeric works great as a wrap but it's too thick for me to find appealing.  Galangal is the same.  Ginger however just tastes like spinach.  None of them imparted significant flavour to a piece of Barra that I…"
Jan 14
Andrew Cumberland replied to Scarlett's discussion Turmeric, ginger and galangal leaves: patholi and more
"After talking to Vivienne, she convinced me to check out ginger and galangal leaves.  They are the same.  You can make Patholi, dolmaties, chop them up and eat them with even a light cook. Can you imagine the flavour of fish cooked in ginger…"
Jan 12
Andrew Cumberland replied to Scarlett's discussion Turmeric, ginger and galangal leaves: patholi and more
"Oh my.  I am so going to "bump" this post.   You can also just shred them and use them like spinach in any dish you cook (even slightly)."
Jan 12

My Victorian garden

It's easy enough to buy expensive things and follow the directions and get beautiful (although often not very tasty or resilient) plants. Growing amazingly healthy plants using natural processes and products to be found in your own backyard (or…

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  • Thankyou Scarlett Cheers Christine

  • I must admit my first reaction was...what the! isn't that my pic? why has that person used my pic?? But then I realised what was going on lol. Happy for them to be "famous" :D

    I had a similar, now funny, experience lately. One of the online garden sites is looking for pics for a calendar and I clean forgot I had sent some in. I followed their link to their FB page and there were my pics! I actually posted a comment saying "why are my pics here?" before remembering and deleting almost immediately. Unfortunately, they still ended up with the comment and sent me a testy little email asking if I wanted them removed lol.

  • I don't know how much longer we will get sufficient chill for any but bred-for-the-tropics stone fruit. Even my cassava and baby Saba nut wereleafless for only about 8 weeks this winter. The nights do not seem to be as cold, winter or summer as they were 30 years ago.
  • Thanks Scarlett! I've ended up at this site on several occasions when googling one thing or another. When it happened again last week thought it must be time to join. As warm as the last few Toowoomba winters have been, it 'almost' feels like I'm in Brisbane anyway.
  • Thanks Scarlett. The site was recommended by someone I met on another forum. I went to her place to pick up some raspberry runners and I got a free tour of the garden, some extra things and the web address for this site. Her name is Lissa, but I'm not sure of her online name.

  • Thank you Scarlett, for your welcome. I am a novice at growing my own food but enjoying the journey. I look forward to learning from you all.
  • Cheers for that Scarlett.  Great site. 

  • thanks for your welcome Scarlett.  I am looking forward to learning and sharing here.

  • That would be an excellent idea Scarlett. There would be a lot of people interested in having one I'm thinking. 

    If you just get a heap made with Brisbane Local Food and don't worry about personal names then anyone could use them.

  • I'm thinking not everyone will have the ability to print let alone in colour (logo).

    Not everyone owns any ribbon - I know I don't - not worth a trip to the shop just for a bit of ribbon in the right colour.

    Most folk own a name tag I'm thinking - I'll ask them to wear one.

    And ask them to all post a recent pic of themselves so we can recognise each other visually.

    Do you want to think about getting some "official" name tags made available for a small price? Won't be in time for this event but could be useful in the future. Your site is pretty popular and famous now :)

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