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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Inspiration Garden in Morningside

I am interested in:

transitioning our local area to a more sustainable and resilient place to live, work and play. cycling local food


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  • Hi Rolf, hope you're well!

    I saw you talk about the food buying group your run at the Food Connect event 'Feeding the Future'. I'm currently looking into barriers and opportunities for food co-ops and buyers groups as part of a uni project I am working on. I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me out? I am looking for people involved with these groups to do 1 hr interviews. Would really love to hear from you as it seems like you are doing things differently to some of the other groups out there at the moment! 

    Thanks for all that you do, and I hope to hear from you :)



  • I will sort out a tray and put it close to the driveway where the car parks. It will be in a small box.


  • Rolf, Are you happy to pop up and collect some seedlings to take tomorrow to the Farinas place. They are just for swap.

    One tray. 5 tomato (in small pots) , 5 chia, 5 sweet basil (largest ones) , 5 oregano (smallest ones) and swap for whatever looks interesting. Not seeds at present. I have far too many. Unless its loufa seeds of course. LOL

  • Thanks for the tip, Rolf. Will follow up. What is the best way to get fhard copy flyers to you? I have an electronic version I can give you as well.
  • Rolf - I want to get the word out re: Sustainability Day event at Hillbrook School on Sat 22 August to all the community gardens groups in Brisbane. There are about 75 groups in Brisbane according to the Green Heart City Smart poster that was up at Greenfest and at the Food in the City Seminar in May.Is this forum the best way to do that or do you think I should contact them all individually? Northey St, St Clements on the Hill communities already have been notified.
    Marilena Stanton
  • I start at 7.30am and finish at 4.00pm, I work halfway between Central & FV station on Wickham St, there are a couple of coffee shops that open at 7.00am. Any day would suit me, just let me know and I will make sure I bring the book in.
  • Hi Rolf
    Welcome to Brisbane Seed Savers! I do have a couple of copies of the SS Handbook - they are slightly water damaged from the 1st meeting so am happy to give you a copy.
    I work in Fortitude Valley and live in Inala, I also attend all meetings/ garden visits so let me know the best way to get you a copy.
  • you made it - but what was that password again?
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